UK eMarketing (referred to for the remainder of this agreement as ‘our website’) is a website/company that provides the services of website design, online marketing, and website management.


All content on our website is the property of UK eMarketing and may not be used for any purpose without the authorisation of UK eMarketing. This includes but is not limited to all graphics, texts, logos and coding.


All work carried out by our website, including coding, design, graphics, scripts and applications remain the property of our website and should not be reproduced, modified or resold without our website’s express permission.

All work carried out by our website; for example design, text, coding and graphics, will remain the property of our website until the full amount that was quoted to a client before work commenced has been paid to our website.

Our website will not pay compensation for failing to meet a deadline or in the case of loses caused by website malfunction.

Our website will not be held responsible for copyright infringements caused by the introduction of copyrighted material by our clients/customers.

If a client/customer decides to end an agreement/project before completion, the customer/client must pay a percentage payment of the original agreed fee corresponding to the percentage of the agreement/project completed by our website.

Our website will not be held responsible for any client/customer dealings with our third party affiliate services.

Our website reserves the right to decline projects that our website believes are unsuitable or for any other reason.

Our website will only accept enquiries, orders of our services and agreements via email.

Once a client/customer agrees to employ our services, the client customer has confirmed that they have understood and agreed to these terms and conditions.


Some areas of our website have extra terms and conditions attached to their content and services. Please be sure to read the terms and conditions on every sub-domain of UK e-Marketing.